Surabaya1 is an overseas community service programme organised by Singapore Polytechnic, in collaboration with the Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) of Singapore. A group of 21 students, from different academic schools in SP, came together in hopes to help improve the lives of the beneficiaries in Surabaya, Indonesia.
In the 13 days in Surabaya, the team will be conducting English lessons at MTs Miftahul Khoir, a rural secondary school located in the agriculture based villlage of Jatiarjo, Prigen. The students have been tasked to expand on the teaching modules, by introducing interactive elements such as drama, songs and games associated with the specific learning objective for each module. They will also be helping in the construction of a concrete main school building which is incomplete at present due to lack of funding. In addition, the team will be visiting and conducting art and craft activities for beneficiaries from the Bhakti Luhur Home in Malang – a shelter and home for special needs and abandoned children.

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