Bhakti Luhur Tsunami project IE-004

Bhakti Luhur Tsunami project IE-004

Indonesia, 01-04-2005

Soon after the Tsunami on December 26 2004 many questions reached WoS whether we were to support Giro 555.

This kind of help however, does not fall within our vision of aid. This is why we wanted to do something else and are happy to be able to help in conjunction with PZG and Aircares. Together with these organizations, Sharing Success and the Liliane Fund, WoS will build a revalidation and rehabilitation centre in Medan, North Sumatra. There, revalidation, rehabilitation and if necessary shelter will be offered to handicapped children from mainly the tsunami areas. After revalidation the children will return to their own living environment.

Furthermore, a mini-van will be purchased which will be used as a mobile medical unit. This mini-van will drive around the area of Banda Aceh to visit the known as well as search for unknown handicapped children. With this medical unit direct medical help can be offered. Also a part of the current costs for the project in Banda Aceh will be financed.

Contactperson in Malang:
Yohanes Fenan, hoofd van ACBRI, het kantoor waar alle informatie van de centra binnenkomt en hij is tevens werkzaam bij het Nationaal Coordination Office voor Indonesie voor het Liliane Fonds. Hij spreekt goed Engels en een heel klein beetje Nederlands. Zijn e-mail adressen: en en zijn tel. nr. +623417045220 en mobiel nr. +62 85233175190

How to get there
For crew it is hardly possible to visit this project from a KLM slipstation. From KUL and SIN it can be done on a long stop but you will need to purchase tickets and a visa. Visa can be arranged on arrival at the airport in Medan. For further information you can contact Ron van Wagtendonk. Name : Yayasan Bhakti Luhur “Biru Nan Aman/Blue Arc” Address : Jl. Rawe IV (Psr VI) Kelurahan Tangkahan Kecamatan Medan-Labuhan Medan – Sumatera Utara Indonesië

Required Material
First aid revalidation kits/ First Aid kits/ Aseptic gauze material/ Low vision aids/ Braille riglets/ Small tape recorders for blind children/ Arithmetic materials for blind children/ Hearing aids/ Teaching aids for deaf children/ Audio meter/ Wheelchairs/ Buggies/ Crutches/ Sticks for the blind/ Educational CD’s/ VCD’s or videos with training programs/ Educational toys and games/ Educational amd learning materials for intellectually disabled children/ Footballs, Volleyballs, Basketballs/ Malaria medicines/ Anti mosquito unguent/ Mosquito nets/ Fumigating sets/ Anti cough medicines/ Typewriters/ Computers/ Printers/ Laptops/ Flash Discs/ Automotive tools/ Carpentry tools/ Sewing machines/ Food supplements and multi vitamins/ Furniture, chairs, tables and beds for the childrens home/ Household and kitchen materials/ Small cupboards (plastic)/ Blankets, sheets and pillow covers/ Pampers for incontinent disabled children In view of the learning materials it should be considered that the children only speak Bahasa and some of them a little English

Contact details
In Medan: Sr. Gertruda

Jl. Rawe IV (Psr VI) – Kelurahan Tangkahan- Kecamatan Medan-Labuhan

Tel +62-61 77 80 58 44
GSM +62-81370320004

Other information
Projectleader(s) :Ron van Wagtendonk,Robin Ruijter

The budget : € 47000,-
This project is completed

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