COP 2012

7 August 2012

I know this program from the beginning I study at Petra Christian University. I very interest with this program and hope can join. And when I had qualified to follow, I began to doubt because consider everything. Because if I join this program that means I missed my semester holiday, I must adapt with the new environment, I have to practice speak in English, etc. But my friend Christian Boby, convinced me that I have been in the right choice if I becomes part of the COP 2012. He said from this program we can learn anything about teamwork, togetherness, multicultural, communication, how to be independent, more mature, and unselfish.

First time we met, we tried to adapt to each other, because not only the language but we also come from different cultures. With outbond, we tried to build our teamwork and our trust to each other.

This is my home in Kajar. I have big bathroom but only use curtain for closure. My little kitchen that made a delicious food for me and my roommate everyday. My cozy living room that always full of Kajar members, we meeting here, we eat here, we joke here, we always at this place until middle of night. And the last is my simple bedroom that always full of my brothers and sisters from Indonesian members, they always slept there even already 4 people slept.

We have many projects to must done when we live in Kajar. Because for that projects we’re lived for almost one month in Kajar. Our projects divide into 3 big projects, the first is physical projects, the second is education project and the last is micro business project for villagers. All the members do all the projects because we have a rolling everyweek. And we have a little project for approaching with our family in Kajar, we made Kajar International Food Festival 2012. In this project, Korean members, Japan members, Hongkong members, Holland members and Indonesian members too, cooked our traditional foods from our countries. And then we ate together with our family at headquarter.

This is the togetherness we shared. We solved our problems together. We always shared our feeling to each other, because the dutch teach me how to be straight  person at this condition. We caring each other. I remember that I was got fever there, all COP members always attending my condition. Even my 2 sisters (I called my Indonesian members sisters and brothers because I’m the younger members there) until sleepover to accompany me.

This is our free time in the second weeks when me and a few of Indonesian members went to Solo, and then a few Indonesian members with Japan and Hongkong members went to Yogyakarta. The dutch went to Yogyakarta too with all dutch members. And the Korean members went to Surabaya with all Korean members.

Barbeque party for our last day in Kajar. We cooked sausages and meatball satay, corn, and satay with Coca Cola and watermelon as a desserts. because foreign members love satay, cola and watermelon so much.

It’s our closing ceremony and it’s mean THE 24th DAYS IN KAJAR IS OVER !!!! In our closing ceremony we dance with call me maaybe – Carly Rae Jepsen first and then continued with I gotta feeling – BEP and the last we sang You’ve got a friends together. And honestly, when I heard all that songs suddenly I miss you guys. I miss our practiced together. Especially when I heard you’ve got a friends, because of you guys that song is more touched for me now.

I always hate farewell, even there are still have see you soon.

It’s hurts to realize this fact, recently we become a family and feel so close but we must separated. 24 days is too fast for me. 24 days make us from strangers became a closed family. It’s really hurts even to say “see you soon” to you guys. Never, ever regret being part of the KAJAR village, was grateful become part of the COP and met all COP members, specially my village KAJAR members are the most beautiful things and unforgettable moments in my life. I wish I can repeat COP times and converge again with my new family.

I miss heard cows. chickens, and goats voice and smell everyday. I miss the smoke smell too. I miss washed my clothes by myself everyday even I already tired after doing projects. I miss sleep with Flora, Dewi, Nita in single bed together. I miss take a bath in my big bathroom. I miss our moments together. I miss my roommate (Merel Meijer and Jeong Hyemi). I miss my mom foods especially Kangkung & Sambel goreng kentang. I miss my baby brother (danny) & my lil’ sister (rani). I miss my samurai girl, that I always call her Shoko Shoko Shoko and have a joke with her everyday (Shoko Yoshida). I miss my hikari pocari pikachu, I miss her cute voice, sweet smile and her unique expression (Hikari Ichihara). I miss the smoker guy (Park Jae Uk). I miss the caring guy (Teddy Lee, Lee Yu Min). I miss my “kakak” who called me “dedek”, I miss joking with them everyday, they make me feel that I’ve older sisters & brothers (all Indonesian members especially Flora Natalia, Dewi Purnama, Nita Angeline, Inov, Michael Anthony, Steven Wuisan, and Diana Wijaya). I miss Qu Yun, Jane, Christy Moras, Carmen Laisina, Ju Yeon, Wahyu, Hendy and Patrick too even I’m not too close with them. I REALLY REALLY REALLY MISS YOU ALL GUYS !!!!!

Kamsahamida, Arigatogozaimas, Xie Xie, Thank you and Terima Kasih KAJAR !!

AKU CINTA KALIAN !!! AKU RINDU KALIAN !!! AKU TIDAK AKAN LUPA KALIAN !!! *I know all of you know the meaning of that sentences guys*

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