Sunday morning, September 24, 2017, a small group of children Ant Charity Dawung Jogja leave their area to the city by bus. With an enthusiastic face for meeting new friends, they enjoy the familiar streets in their eyes with joy.


After the long needle returned to the same number, they arrived at Bhakti Luhur Orphanage in Berbah area, Sleman, Yogyakarta. One by one they descend the bus with some luggage to be given to the orphanage. The children took turns shaking hands with the sisters who smiled warmly to greet them. Then they walked together to the hall that was located at the very back of the orphanage.
The joint activity started with a warm and cheerful greeting from Sister Heni. then Sister Heni invites the children to do some pat and simple ice breaking. After that, all the children joined and formed several small groups. In the group, children begin to introduce themselves. Then they sang together and played a game hosted by Siska’s sister.


Ant Charity children learn to be grateful for their circumstances because there are others who are not as fortunate as they are. Of the residents of the orphanage who are OBK (Special Needs Parent) and ABK (Children with Special Needs), Ant Charity children also learn to share whatever they have. From home, each of the children from the Ant Charity Foundation has prepared something to hand over to the residents of the orphanage. after the event is over, they do not forget to document the activities by taking pictures together as a memento.


Further activities continued by playing water in a waterboom located in the area of ??Prambanan. Once into the waterboom area, the children immediately scattered to prepare to immediately play water. Not only fun to play water, one of Ant Charity’s foster children named Lina, donated a song on stage that has been provided in waterboom. Because the event coincides with Sunday, the waterboom often holds entertainment events. We support the child because he shows good self-esteem. The children and volunteers danced together to hear Lina singing on stage. after a long period of water play, finally the children are asked to immediately take a shower and prepare to return to their homes. The children are happy and occasionally ask to go for a walk again. The activity titled Field Trip Asik was enough to refresh them with new and good things.


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