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En-route to Sarikan, we stop by at an orphanage named ‘Bhakti Luhur’ in Pontianak, INDONESIA, as we need to help deliver 2 wheelchairs for 2 very special kids. Their names are Ebet(Yellow T-shirt) and Imanuel(Black Stripe T-shirt), age 3 and 6 years old. Both suffer from a disease that causes the head to swell. There are 387 causes for this illness and their type is Aacase I Symptom. It’s a case of a swollen brain and water retention in the head. They only can consume liquid food.
Ebet had gone through 2 operations. One is to widen his mouth to allow easy consumption of food and another a nose to help breathe better. The wheel chairs will help these kids sit better and allow easier feeding for the Sisters / Caretakers as they will become too heavy to lift when they grow older. However several modifications are needed to position them properly as their bone structure is very frail. We took measurements for Imanuel first as he is able to sit better and had already sent the wheelchair to the carpenter. As for Ebet, he still needs to wait 2 – 3 years before he can use a wheel chair.
Many people would pity and sympathize these 2 kids. However, I see their existence serve 3 very important lessons.
One, reminding us that normality should not be taken for granted. If given their condition, we are not able to function humanly, enjoy the things we have, love our loved ones, travel to places we never been before.
Two, their spirit to stay alive is a good example of resilience. In the modern world, with chosen professions, we strive towards better living and being resilient is a part of everyday life.
Three, anyone in service to these 2 kids will receive important lessons on patience and loving unconditionally.
Upon completing this task, we headed to Sarikan. It’s good to see Sister Gratia again as she is a living example of resilience as well. She single handedly transform a piece of empty land to a church of awe. We wanted to get more information in how we can aid better for the poor families in this area. She gave us clear indication that a proper education center complete with living quarters is necessary and to support this purpose, she is prepared to give 2 hectares of land.
I am very encouraged by this gesture and was told that there will be 2 persons who will help with this project. They are Mr Andreas, a doctor specialize in children philosophy and Chris, a degree holder in ergonomics. I am very humbled by their presence because their specialties will serve different aspects of the children’s growth but all contributing towards the same purpose. We exchanged ideas and manage to conclude in a few things. I will elaborate them in SOUL Foundation discussions.
After gathering all these good thoughts, I headed back to Jakarta to meet Miss Ari, a principle for a Montessori school. Learnt more about the Montessori teaching / learning methods, did an observation for a class and realized it can be easily applied to the education system in Sarikan. Overall, I am happy we had received so many positive news in different fronts.
Visiting Sarikan in Jan 2012 will begin formal preparations. A survey will be conducted on the land parcel, we will have the 2 hectares marked out, look into the irrigation, electricity connection, drainage, floor plans and accommodate a Montessori learning environment. The next stage to ensure all infrastructure operate with the well being of it’s recipients and staff in terms of safety. It’s exciting times ahead and we are just getting started.
Your’s truly, GP.
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