Initiated projects

Initiated projects

* Organizing and the timing of expertise in the field of Speech Therapy. In collaboration with Jan Volkers, two Dutch therapists taught at 6 months Bhakti Luhur in Malang to 20 social workers from all over Indonesia.

* Obtaining the cooperation of the American publisher of the book, Disabled Village Children by David Werner (Berkeley, Rian the Ham Foundation, from 1987 to 1999) for publication in Indonesian. The translation was made by Bhakti Luhur in Malang (Anak-anak desa yang Menyandang Cacat, Yayasan Bhakti Luhur, 2002).
The book is free for the professional rescuer and by the users ‘bible’ titled. For parents of disabled children are also making available free for those important chapters made. Through drawings and pictures with text, the parents involved with their handicapped child.

* To help set up a repair shop for wheelchairs and a therapy room for multiple handicapped children. These projects have been started in memory of Jan Volkers during a mission to Indonesia was hit by a fatal heart attack. Because the children and caregivers in Indonesia in January Volkers, “Papa John” to bear the project name called Papayan 1 and 2 Papayan. Both projects operate very successfully.

* Taking care of sportswear including a football team of disabled people in Malang.

* In Cimande, near Bogor, a baby food program launched at the initiative of Joost and Ellen Struijcken – van der Borg.

* Organizing and the timing of expertise in the field of Oncology Nursing Rumah Sakit Onkologi in Surabaya. In cooperation with the Association of Oncology Nurses nurse specialist has Philomène Lenssen 2 months led the process of expertise. Agreements have been made here how to go further in the next four years.

* May 2006, for the repair workshop in Malang in wheelchairs Bhakti Luhur, has purchased new equipment including a welding machine, now even more changes are made to the wheelchair.

* Organizing and promoting the timing of expertise range from Yayasan Senang Hati – Bali in abstract painting of polio disabled artists. They would like to work alongside their traditional field meet.
William Kootstra, living and working in Yogyakarta as an artist, in October 2006 at the request of SWPI Balinese artists to this the knowledge transfer. In 2007 this will be followed up at the request of Yayasan Hati Senang and artists.

* As of October 2006 is Leonie Nahumury for two months in Malang in Bhakti Luhur and has been both the direct care of children in education, supportive advice. Leonie has also settled with the accompanying in Papayan projects identified what support there games equipment needed for an optimum guidance. These are purchased as of the earmarked grants.

* In January 2007, at Yayasan Bali Hati Senang, promoting a range of expertise in place to deal with computers as part of Train the Trainer.
This is initiated and conducted by Oskar Strikwerda, PC Doctor of Rotterdam.
Oskar also has all the available computers in a networked backup system installed. Then Oskar has taken the plane to Malang and Yayasan Bhakti Luhur a network and a backup system was constructed and the users are taught to handle.

* Actions from March 2007 to put the Otto Kuijk Hospital in Ambon in particular to support setting up an operating room to build.

* April 2007, the Ambassador of the Netherlands in Indonesia, Dr. N van Dam pledging to join the committee recommendation of the foundation.

* Newspapers SWPI articles about the newspaper Algemeen Dagblad and De Telegraaf.

* December 2007, The Papayan Project at Bhakti Luhur in Malang again shopping for the wheelchair repair shop Papayan an example bought inner tubes and tires, casters for wheelchairs, polyether and imitation leather to back and seat cushion custom to make and additional sound equipment . There are also tables and chairs purchased for the department that Papayan2 sensory – motor therapy provides.

Extensive discussions with the main courses of Bhakti Luhur on the sensorimotor therapy department Papayan2 to a range of expertise to start for the employees who must accompany the children.
January 2008, start of the training of coaches in Papayan2, 10 sessions with back days in March

* In 2008 and 2009, there is much work to make the project off the ground tekijgen Much time invested in education talks, geld collection, finding storage space and the right carrier maar ook interviews at the Embassy of Indonesia to the medical goederen voor Otto Kuijk the project exempt from import by the customs to get. In May 2009 they also arrived and in use

All projects are visited and to request studies of the usefulness and necessity of supporting a new health care project in Tanimbar and a newly established projects at the deaf institute in Bandung.

Everything you read about the projects in the portfolio.

For 2010,”fundraising”another important item, with relatively little money doing SWPI major projects which we grateful for our donors.

* Much time was again spent in network contacts in the field of healthcare, education, shelter and support

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