Journalists share love with orphans

Disabled children receive donations and gifts from the media on first visit
Albertus V. Rehi, Kupang
October 10, 2011
Thirty members of the Forum for Journalists of East Nusa Tenggara Province on October 8 visited disabled children in the Bhakti Luhur orphanage managed by Sisters of the Association of Institutes for Lay Missioners (ALMA) in Kupang, the provincial capital.
They donated 4.2 million rupiah (about US$467) and gave goods such as rice, instant noodles and milk to the orphanage, which is occupied by children aged under 14 years old, suffering from mental or physical disabilities.
“We want to share our love with children in this orphanage,” Adrianus Putra Rianghepat, the forum’s secretary, said.
The money and material aids came from the journalists as well as other people caring for the disabled children, he said.
This was their first visit, he said.  “But we feel so touched by the children. We will try to organize similar programs in the near future.”
Sister Maria Magdalena, who coordinates the orphanage, received the donations. Thanking the journalists, she said: “Since its establishment in 2007, this is the first time this orphanage has received a group of journalists.”
She added that the orphanage still faces challenges and difficulties in taking care of and educating the disabled children. “For taking care of them, we are assisted by three volunteers,” she continued.

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