Here’s a record with music by DEDDY KOES AS. and a bunch of blind kids singing and playing various instruments. Looks like I’m going to Malang somewhere next week, doing some stuff again for BHAKTI LUHUR, an organization that takes care for handicapped kids, schooling them, all sorts of therapy and housing loads of them. The big place is in Malang where the Dutch Catholic priest FATHER ROMO JANSSEN who started BHAKTI LUHUR resides. In the 60 years he’s been doing this he managed to set up 300 wisma’s (places where the kids live and often learn) all over Indonesia. Things are not going very well at the moment, the prolonged financial crisis in Europe has big effects on them; they do everything with donations and right now loads of people,mainly in Holland and Germany can’t seem to afford the 20 Euro’s they send per month. That plus the fact that the Indonesian Rupiah gained strength and the euro got weaker (almost 30%)so that’s almost another 30% less from the donations coming in….

I haven’t been very active with BHAKTI LUHUR in the last 3 months or so, thanks to some health problems (Tropical Sprue, 4 herniated discs in my neck and back and stomach ulcers because of the meds I have to take for the Tropical Sprue plus a ripped diafragma) hence the crazy amount of blogging I’ve been doing. Slowly things are getting a bit better and I hope I can be fully active soon again because I made loads and loads of friends among all those handicapped kids I’ve been seeing and I miss them!!!

If you want to know more about BHAKTI LUHUR here is their site:

It’s not a very beautiful website but we are working on a much better site which is why I gotta go to Malang…. In november I have to go to the Sharing Succes Gala in Holland, they are big contributors to what BHAKTI LUHUR is doing for these kids, I wrote a whole story back in februari about all of this and how I got involved with this here:

And here’s the record:


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