String Movie Maniacs Goes to an Orphanage

28 April 2014
Actually, String Movie Maniacs celebrated its 14 years of its existence on 22 April 2014. However, Considering the Easter holiday,  the committee postponed the charity event until the 27 of April. A meeting was held to decide what movie to be played and to discuss the concept of the event. From that meeting, we decided to play a cartoon movie, Rio, and held a simple but meaningful event to share with others.
On the D-day,  around 1 p.m., some of the String Movie Maniacs  gathered in the campus. We prepared all of the stuff like viewer, speaker, logistics and other things necessary to the orphanage. Around 2 p.m., all members departed from campus to Bhakti Luhur orphanage located in Sumberlor, Berbah, Sleman. Although it was a rainy day, all of the members enjoyed that trip because they felt so excited to share joy with the children in that orphanage.
Bhakti Luhur Orphanage is established  by the Catholic foundation. In this orphanage, there are around 40 people who stay and live there. Bhakti Luhur treats the children, the old people and the disabled. The foundation operates in some areas in Indonesia and  has the mission to give service and help the poor, the disabled,  and  the economically unfortunate. It also cares the homeless.  In Bhakti Luhur, the nurses of Carolus Borromeus share the lodging with the people they care. The nurses work there to treat and teach. The nurses work in the base community, PERKASIH, Legio Maria, for developing faith and caring with local community and society.
The preparation was fun.  The setting crew began to prepare the laptop, viewer and speaker in the playing room. The movie was scheduled to be played at 4 p.m. But, the children were very excited. They asked to start the movie earlier. We had some fun interaction with the children.  We played some funny videos to cheer them up. Before long, we could get along with them.
After arrived in the orphanage, the members started to prepare all of the things for the watching movie event. We worked together to set up the setting of the place. The watching movie have been scheduled to start on 4 pm. In Bhakti Luhur there are around 20 children who live in that place. There were some disabled children included the deaf-mute, Impaired-mentally retarded and mental disorder children who face a difficulty to communicate with others. We tried to communicate and console them, despite the problem to interact with them. Fortunately, to see the all preparation. Even, While waiting the all children gathered in the playing room, the atmosphere. we could joke and play around with them during that time. In short time, children in Bhakti Luhur. On 3 pm, the chief of String Movie Maniacs, Daniel Laksono, decided to start the movie, ahead of the schedule.  Around 15 children watched the movie.
At 5 p.m., the movie ended and we got ready to pack all the stuff and back to the campus. At the end, we said good bye to the orphans and the nurses. We were very grateful because we could share the Easter joy,  laughter,  and experience in the Bhakti Luhur Orphanage.
It was a momentous event for us, the Maniacs and the children. We learned a lot of things. We learned how to share the happiness with the needy, while the children could take a rest for a while and forget their difficulties in order to face tomorrow with a renewed spirit. As for us,  the String Movie Maniacs, we know now that the world is not like what is seen in a movie. The world is a collage of colourful events (Yanistra).
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