the story of two volunteers who lost their hearts to the handicapped, neglected and poor children of Bhakti Luhur

This is the story of two volunteers who lost their hearts to the handicapped, neglected and poor children of Bhakti Luhur and who admire the founder of this great organization Father P. Janssen.

“The life of my wife, Marian Genemans and mine, Nick Molhoek, both 63 years old, with the Dutch nationality and living in the South of France since the end of 2002, changed completely after my retirement as an airline pilot in the Royal Dutch Airline (KLM) in January 2005.

Because after a few months enjoying the good life in France, spending my time playing golf and socializing with family and friends, I felt the urge to do something more useful with my life. And because of my travelling all over the world I had seen many handicapped and poor children who needed help.
So I proposed Marian to contact an organization where children in need are taken care of, preferably in South-East Asia, and ask them if we could help them as volunteers. She agreed on the condition that it would be no longer than 2 months and only for 1 time.
We came into contact with Father (Ron) Paul Janssen, the director of the Yayasan Bhakti Luhur, who founded this organization in 1959.

Fr. Janssen, who is now 89 years old, was happy with our offer to help as volunteers and invited us to come to Malang. My task was (and still is) to make up proposals, to raise funds for existing and new projects, help Fr. Janssen with his correspondence to sponsors and partner organizations and coordinate trainings conducted by foreign organizations. My wife Marian has been occupied with various activities such as taking care of CP (cerebral palsy) children, giving basic computer lessons to slow learning children, physiotherapy, individual play therapy with multi handicapped children and now she is reorganizing the adoption program in which individuals, families, businesses, schools and the likes can financially adopt one or more children of YBL.

During the last 6 years we were involved in many activities and I made many proposals for long term cooperation with partner organizations and also for short term projects which benefited YBL as a whole, but especially visual impaired and hearing impaired children and children with (mild) mental restrictions.

We became so involved in the work of YBL that this is already the 6th time since 2005 that we are helping YBL for an average period of 3 months each year. This voluntary work is very demanding and tiring and you need a lot of patience, but it’s also rewarding and gives a valuable meaning to our lives.

The financial and economical crises of the last years also effected YBL in a negative way because individual people and businesses have (or think they have) less money to spend and the main sponsor organizations of YBL are from the Netherlands and the Dutch Government decided to reduce the subsidies for these organizations and the subsidy of 2 main sponsors of YBL (Liliane Foundation and Terre des Hommes) is cut completely.

So we sincerely hope that many people will visit the website of Bhakti Luhur, read about the great work of this organization and will become a regular donor or decide to

(financially) adopt a child and charity organizations and businesses are most welcome to sponsor specific projects, donate or adopt a Wisma (dormitory)”.

Nick Moelhoek from Bhakti Luhur Malang.

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