Weekend to Bhakti Luhur

Weekend to Bhakti Luhur
Posted on 24-01-2011 in Indonesia

After Nancy Friday audiology block was closed with a key, where everyone passed (most glorious), we got into the car on the way to Malang.
Malang is Bhakti Luhur. A large center where 350 children, mostly with disabilities, housing and education. Bhakti Luhur is about 50 years ago started by a Dutch priest, Paul Janssen. In total, the foundation supports more than 3500 children in Indonesia. In 2009 Kentalis International for the first time a training given to workers CBR (CBR = Community Based Rehabilitation). CBR workers go to the villages to be there with parents and teachers to seek solutions to a child with a disability in their own environment as closely as possible to function.
Nancy was in 2009 one of the trainers and wanted the people of Bhakti Luhur again. Also, Nancy internship mentor two students from SPH Avans, between mid-March and early June on Bhakti Luhur their graduation to perform. That graduation, students have developed together with Kentalis International and their findings will we use it in a follow-up training. For me, Julia, was the visit meant to get acquainted with the people of Bhakti Luhur and me a picture of this organization, since a follow up project will fall under my responsibility.
In short, reasons enough on Friday afternoon in the car to move for a 9 hour journey to East Java! On that journey is alone a blog to write: 9 hours on a narrow two-lane road, where space must be shared by cars, trucks, buses, countless scooters, bedjaks (rickshaws) and cyclists, whether or not loaded with the most diverse , were piled high and wide. Large parts of the ride going through endless buildings with shops, eateries, work places and homes. Then again, past rice paddies, bamboo forests and sugar cane plantations. The closer we come to Malang how hilly the landscape. Beautiful views, lots of fast flowing rivers, intricate bamboo bridges, terraces and everywhere where people grow their rice. A beautiful ride for several reasons, sometimes breathtaking.
We stay in a so-called Wisma, a house of Bhakti Luhur, where a group of children living with their caregivers. A large proportion of carers are nuns, two of our training in Yogyakarta participate.
On Saturday morning we look around the school for the deaf, talking with teachers and children and viewing materials. Then we have discussions with the education director (Susie Bu), two coordinators (Mr Cook and Lianta An), and a Dutch couple that Father Janssen in many ways supports the cause of this great organization.
We talk about the importance of early identification of deaf children and the provision of a correct diagnosis regarding the hearing. Many children are being ‘deaf’ is explained and then get no hearing, because one does not know how children in a reliable way to audiometreren. There is little knowledge among the teachers and CBR workers on the care and control of the hearing, we do not know what to expect when a child has a hearing aid and how you can promote the use and effect. On the islands, where CBR workers work, it is important that people have more knowledge, because they can not simply with a child or a hearing aid can come to Malang.
We shall use the school in Wonosobo (our partner in the current project) provide that two people of Bhakti Luhur internship started for their technical personnel. That is an experienced force, where she tricks of the trade of great learning. It would be nice if Kentalis International next year could give a training CBR workers to a group of islands and a few employees of Malang. The precise content remains to be determined in consultation with experts and partners, but it will audiological care for the deaf children of Bhakti Luhur need to improve.
The people in Bhakti Luhur the past year the great job done to the book “Helping children who are deaf” to be translated into Indonesian! It goes too far to introduce this book here, but those interested can see for yourselves on the site of the Hesperian Foundation, which this book in English to view and even download. It’s great that this book is now available in Indonesian ancestors, CBR workers and teachers and we must immediately take a stack for the schools in our project.
All in all a motivating and meaningful visit, which the 9 hour trip we take for granted again!

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