Saturday, 4 February 2012

World Disability Day, a day to appreciate the disabled, both physically and mentally disabled is celebrated every 3 December. To participate on this day, on 20 November 2011, AMSA UPH held a community outreach for all the mental disabled people in Yayasan Bhakti Luhur, Jakarta. This 20 participants came from any age; from toodlers to adults. Most of them are autistic, ADHD, Down’s syndrome, etc.
The event is started by a brunch, a morning exercise, and followed with a games. The winner of the games was awarded with a gift. The next event is movie time. After watching a comedy film ‘Mr.Bean’, the participant will have a chance to answer some questions in a little quiz at the emd of the movie. The quiz met some difficulties because some participants have speaking or hearing difficulties so they cannot participate. Some participant also performed a little show, like singing or playing music instruments.
The outreach is both interesting and challenging because this is the first event that allows  us to interact with mentally disabled people. Sharing the day with them made us realize that there are many things in our life we should be thankful for. They taught us many things, they taught us about life.
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